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Worship & Warfare BannersHand painted silk
Worship & Warfare Banners Worship & Warfare Banners
Worship & Warfare Bannershand painted silk banners fromOut Of Our Minds Banners
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Warfare and Worship Banners

DVD Set (3 DVDs)

Wielding Banners for Worship and Warfare…

Wielding Banners for Worship & WarfareThe Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of Banners in the Hands of Christians.

This set is a must for individuals and congregations that are serious about using banners in praise, worship, ministry and warfare. It presents over seven hours of teaching as David unfolds the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of the Biblical use of banners.

This set gives you and your “fellow banner wavers” the opportunity to participate in a full workshop with worshipers at St. Luke's Anglican Church in Toowoomba, Australia. You will feel like you are actually there.

It also includes significant additional material not included in a typical workshop. Enjoy watching five-year old Christopher working alongside his Dad for the first time for some of the presentation. Watch the introduction on-line »

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The DVDs are available in either NTSC or PAL formats. See below for details of which version is right for your country. You will be asked to indicate your required format during the checkout process.

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In Disc 1 - The Theory David covers issues surrounding the Who, What, When, Where and Why of Banners in the Hands of Christians:

    Disc 1 - The Theory
  • Who should use banners
  • What is a banner
  • Why we prefer the word “banner” over “flag”
  • Etiquette and context with banners
  • Introducing banners for the first time
  • Coping with control issues
  • Restoring public worship
  • Banners in Western culture
  • Banners in the Bible (as a word study and verses)
  • Movement in the Bible
  • Colour in the Bible

In Disc 2 - The Practice David presents the How of using banners. He covers topics including:

    Disc 2 - The Practice<
  • Warm-up and stretching exercises
  • Stance and grip
  • Beginnings and endings
  • Banner movements
  • Personal worship
  • Dance with banners
  • Learning to worship corporately with others
  • Learning to minister corporately with banners
  • Ministering to people personally
  • Warfare with banners

In Disc 3 - The Stories David goes beyond the scope of a normal workshop and tells his own story in more detail and includes stories by other people about their experiences with banners. It includes:

    Disc 3 - The Stories
  • “The Banner Man's” story
  • Banners in parades and other personal experiences
  • Banners and healing
  • Banners on the mountaintops
  • Banners in prophetic acts
  • How one congregation was transformed
  • A dancer's journey
  • Banners at a wedding
  • How OOOM Banners are made

Other topics on the DVD's not usually covered in a workshop include:

  • Extra material on the biblical basis for the use of banners
  • How to release a corporate anointing
  • Detailed options for one on one personal ministry
  • View all the current OOOMB Banner Designs and discover their meanings
  • Multiple photographs of how flags and banners are used around the world
  • How to move prophetically outdoors
  • Background stories to two of the banners
  • An interactive game to test your knowledge of Out of Our Minds Banners
  • Gaffs and guffaws! (Laughter behind the scenes)
  • David introduces his wife Marta and children - Christopher, Elizabeth and Daniel

The DVDs are available in either NTSC or PAL formats. See below for details of which version is right for your country. You will be asked to indicate your required format during the checkout process.

“It presents a new perspective on the banners of God in worship. Lead us forth, mighty man of God! Teach us to honor our Father in new ways of demonstrative worship.”

Dr Charles D “Chuck” Pierce, Vice President of Global Ministries, Colorado, United States of America.

“David offers a brand-new weapon in God's heavenly arsenal, bringing strategic order, purpose and a correct Biblical understanding of their use.”

Ps Merrilyn Billing, Zion's Hill, Launceston, Australia.

“This DVD set is a three-course equipping, impartation and activation feast! If you are considering buying this - DO! It will catapult you to a higher dimension in worship and warfare!”

Pastor Paul Jackson, Park Ridge Baptist Church, Brisbane, Australia.

The Biblical and practical information in this DVD set will get you started or grow your understanding of this powerful ministry.

Make sure you get the version that is right for you!  

The DVD set is available in two television systems formats: NTSC or PAL.

Make sure you order the version that is right for you!

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Note: we understand that televisions currently sold in SECAM countries support both SECAM and PAL television systems.  

Watch the introduction on-line »

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3-DVD Set: The Who, What, Where, When, Why & How of Banners

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Banderas de adoracion
Banners in the Bible

Jeremiah 50:2
Announce and proclaim among the nations, lift up a banner and proclaim it; keep nothing back

Jeremiah 51:27
Lift up a banner in the land!

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